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The Ultimate 6 Month Wedding Hair Timeline

It's the biggest day of your life (has anybody mentioned that to you yet?), all eyes are on you (in case you hadn't realised that yet either!) and as much as this important day is about you committing yourself to the man / woman you love, I have yet to meet a bride who doesn't care about their appearance at all. I am here to tell you that it's okay. We're allowed to want to be the best version of ourselves on our Wedding Day. It's normal to want to feel amazing and comfortable stood up there in front of all those people. 

One thing that will make a difference to your confidence is your hair and I am going to take you through the Ultimate 6 Month Wedding Hair Timeline I go through with my Brides before their Wedding days.

Organisation is essential but get it right and it's fun, exciting and stress free in the run up to the Wedding... and who doesn't love some regular pampering?!


1) RESEARCH - Research hair styles. Find pictures you love AND pictures you hate. This gives us, as Hair Stylists, a really clear image of your taste.

2) FIND A HAIR STYLIST - Find a salon or freelance Hair Stylist that you feel comfortable with and understands your vision and taste. 

3) CHECK THEIR AVAILABILITY - Check they have availability (Wedding Stylists get booked up very quickly) and are able to come to your venue on the day of the Wedding (unless you are prepared to go to the Salon).

4) GET A REGULAR HAIR DRESSER - If you don't already have one, find a regular hairdresser to cut and colour you hair. You want them to get to know you and your hair. You do not want any hair disasters closer to the Wedding! - COLOUR: Consider your colour making sure it brings out the best in your skin tone and eyes. It's worth discussing this with an experienced Colourist who will be able to advise. - CUT: Regular haircuts every 6 - 8 weeks is perfect for maintaining length. It's enough time to sharpen up the ends and deal with any split ends without losing length. 

I call it an "AIR CUT" - just a light dusting off the ends. You can't go wrong! 

5) CONSIDER YOUR HAIR'S CONDITION - The condition of your hair is key, particularly if you are considering wearing your hair down or half up. You are going to want it looking its best and glossy so in the photos it will shine. If possible visit your salon once a month for a conditioning treatment. 


1) FINE TUNE YOUR COLOUR - Whether it's a root touch-up, a change of colour or brightening up of your colour try to stick to a regular hair dresser and get the appointments scheduled in. It's worth noting, to get your dream colour it may have to be done in stages and require a few appointments. Tweak the colour until you are happy and once you are ensure the Colourist records it.


My top tips for a Wedding trial are: 

  • Book yourself enough time with your Hair Stylist to practise a few different looks. 

  • Plan an evening out so the hair do isn't wasted! This also gives you an opportunity to check the longevity of the style. 

  • Wear make-up to the trial. There is something off balance when one or the other isn't done. 

  • Bring your images and be explicit with what you want. 

  • Bring any hair accessories / flowers and your Wedding day jewellery with you. 

  • Take photos of all angles of the look. You are likely to be photographed all day so it's important to look good at every angle. 

  • Take a friend or family member with you who knows your style. It's good to get a second opinion. 


1) SECOND TRIAL (if required) - This could happen for a number of reasons. You've looked at the photos back and aren't 100% convinced or perhaps you are going for a dress fitting and it might be nice to have a make-up trial and hair trial on the same day so you can see the finished article. 

2) FINAL CUT & COLOUR - Have your final Cut & Colour 2 weeks prior to the Wedding to give it time to settle and any tweaks to be made if necessary. 

3) FINAL CONDITIONING TREATMENT - If you are wearing your hair up have your last Conditioning Treatment a month before the Wedding. If you are having your hair down have it around 2 weeks before the Wedding.


WASH YOUR HAIR - Unless advised otherwise wash your hair the night before and not the morning of the Wedding. This is needed to ensure your hair will last all day and stay put to allow you to dance the night away!


RELAX, you've covered every base now leave it all to your Hair Stylist.


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