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The Detail

On this page you will find all the details about Rachael Capocci and some of my frequently asked questions. If I haven't provided information for what you are looking for, please get in touch directly.

  • Can you use some of my own makeup products?
    If you have products that you want to specifically use, please feel free to bring them to the trial with you.
  • How should I prepare for my trial?
    I recommend before your trial date that you send me images of styles that you have or want to try, or set up a Pinterest account. You can send these to me on or provide access to your Pinterest board: If you are planning on wearing a veil, hair accessories and/or jewellery on your wedding day, I suggest that if you have them already that you bring them along with you to the trial. I tell my brides to wash and blow dry their hair the day before the trial and avoid any heavy styling with curlers, straighteners or products including conditioners, oils and serums. For your trial, please feel free to wear something comfortable. I ask you to wear a white t-shirt or simple white top. The reason for this is that you will be able to see your hairstyle and/or makeup free of any patterns or colour. It especially helps for any reference photos that I will be taking as well as makeup trials.
  • Can I buy gift vouchers?
    Yes, absolutely. Gift vouchers are available on request. Please contact me to dicsuss directly.
  • How long before my wedding day should I come for a trial?
    I recommend two to four months before your wedding. At this stage in your planning you will have your dress and possibly your accessories and details decided. Too far in advance isn't recommended. However, I do appreciate that some of our brides are extremely busy and may live overseas and therefore time is restricted. Therefore I will work with whatever suits you. Trials will take place at a location that is convenient for both the bride/bridal party and Rachael. Trials can be booked Monday-Friday. Please note, a deposit will be required to secure your trial date with full payment required 7 days before. Additional trials can be booked if required.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    To confirm your booking I will kindly ask you to sign my terms & conditions and request a non-refundable £150 deposit, which will be deducted from your final balance. Once you have paid this along with acceptance of our terms & conditions, I will coordinate your trial and discuss all the exciting details with you.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I hope that this is never the case for any of my brides, however I know that things do happen and sometimes dates need to be cancelled. If you need to make changes to your booking, for example if you wish to increase or decrease numbers or services booked, then please let me know at least 12 weeks prior to your wedding date. In the unfortunate event that you need to change or cancel your event with us I require a minimum of 12 weeks notice. Notice provided after this time may affect your right to a refund. In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your wedding on the day due to illness or unforeseen circumstances (it hasn’t ever happened, and I hope that it won’t), I will do my utmost to find an alternative stylist or artist to stand-in. If this is not possible, all payments will be refunded. In the event of extreme circumstances where travel or work restrictions have been issued, whereby I am unable to attend your wedding, I will contact you at the earliest indication and again, will do my utmost to ensure I do whatever I can to support you in this situation.
  • How long will a trial take?
    I allocate two hours for a hair or makeup trial per person. It can sometimes take a little longer, so I advise that you allow for three hours.
  • What brands do you use?
    I use a range of luxury products including Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Label M
  • Can I book hair or makeup only?
    Yes, of course. I offer hair styling or makeup as a standalone services or together as a package.
  • Can I book a trial before I secure my actual wedding date?
    Yes, please do. Trials will take place at a location that is convenient for both the bride/bridal party and Rachael. Trials can be booked Monday-Friday. Please note, a deposit will be required to secure your trial date with full payment required 7 days before. Additional trials can be booked if required.
  • What type of hair accessories should I bring to a trial?
    Accessories will depend on your overall style or look you want to create. I recommend that you bring any accessories and jewellery that you would like to try to your trial.
  • What are your accepted methods of payment?
    We accept direct bank transfers or cheques.
  • How far do you travel?
    There's no limit to how far I'll travel for our brides and travelling is a part of the job I particularly love. The majority of my weddings are located in and around Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds. Outside of a 20-mile radius of Wantage, Oxfordshire, mileage will be quoted and charged for according to your location or venue requirements.
  • Can I amend my booking?
    Adding extra people or services in on the day outside of the quote or agreed with me without prior warning may jeopardise the quality of my work or delay the ceremony.
  • Can I book a second trial?
    Absolutely! You can book as many trials as you would like. I understand how important it is for every little detail to be perfect. Please be aware that there will be further trial charges for each all trials undertaken.
  • What is the booking process?
    Once you have completed the enquiry form, I will be in contact to confirm availability and to discuss your requirements. A proposal along with my terms and conditions will then be sent to you for your booking. To confirm your booking I will kindly ask you to sign our terms & conditions and will request a non-refundable £100 deposit, which will be deducted from your final balance.
  • How long will it take on my wedding day?
    A minimum 1-hour per person for each service is required on the day. I then allocate time to set-up and final touch-ups before you depart. I will only leave when you are happy, and I have waved you off.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    No, I am not VAT registered.
  • What happens if you don’t have availability?
    I have recommended hairstylists and makeup artists that I can suggest should I not be available on your chosen date.
  • What are your prices?
    I understand that every wedding, bride and bridal party is very different. That means that pricing needs to be tailored to suit your requirements. You can view my pricing structure and starting costs on my pricing page. Please note that upon confirmation of your booking I will kindly request a non-refundable £150 deposit, which will be deducted from your final balance. Fifty per cent of your balance will be due following your trial date, and the remaining balance is due seven days before. Don't worry though, I will remind you of all the detail, it's just good for you to know to start your planning.
  • Can I pay for a trial after I have it?
    Unfortunately all services need to be secured with a deposit and payment in full received by bank fransfer at least 7 days before your booked trial date.
  • What if my expectations are not met at the trial?
    I strive to ensure that all clients are happy with the results of a trial before I leave, however in the unlikely event that you, or any of your bridal party, are not satisfied after a trial, please contact me directly within 24 hours so a resolution can be discussed and agreed. Refunds, retrials or cancellations are solely at my discretion. I understand a trial can be challenging so I recommend lots of research before you secure a booking with any hair or makeup artist as style and approach differs from one artist or stylist to another. I recommend you familiarise yourself with my work portfolio and ensure you are confident that my capabilities and style are what you are looking for before securing a booking. Where expectations are realistic, and communication is good, I don’t usually experience any problems although you should always expect and allow for an element of 'trial and error' which is all part of the process.
  • What happens during my hair trial?
    During the trial, I will take the time to talk about your ideas and your wedding day so I can make sure I have captured all your requirements. Once I start styling your hair, I will try out the ideas you want to see and personalise each look to suit you. When I have created a final look that you decide on and are happy with, I will complete a style reference document, capturing the style, the products used and any details that I will need to recreate it on the day. I will also take a number of reference photos, which I will send to you following the trial and will also use these on your wedding day. If you are not happy for me to use any pictures captured during your trial or on your wedding day for my portfolio, please do confirm this at the time of booking/contract in writing. Once you are completely happy with your look, I will discuss and agree on a schedule and details for your wedding day including arrival time, set-up location and bridal party details.
  • How do I know my booking is confirmed?
    Once you've completed my terms and conditions and paid the deposit, this forms the contract between myself and you. A payment receipt and booking confirmation will then be sent to you. I will then be in contact with you to finalise all the details and discuss your wedding.

Something I've missed? Feel free to contact me on the button below!

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