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Hollywood Waves and Flawless Makeup

I am always trying to perfect my skills and master the latest techniques for my brides, being part of Kristina Gasperas Academy is just amazing and helps me to do just that. I get to attend courses and online group chats and live tutorials, and I just cannot get enough of it!

When the Kristina Gasperas Academy announced their first competition, I thought this is the time to work hard, practice lots and perfect the very popular Hollywood waves. The brief was to create perfect Hollywood waves with flawless smoky eye makeup – one of my all-time favourites looks.

This is the final look I put forward for the competition, and I am so pleased to share the news with you that I have been announced as the overall Winner for the Hollywood waves category!!

As a technique, it can be challenging, and the time and effort involved to create flawless waves is often underestimated. I absolutely love creating this look for my brides, and it looks like Hollywood waves will be among the most popular styles for 2020 brides.

Here are a few of my top tips for brides looking for the perfect Hollywood waves:

Hollywood waves with a modern twist will always add an extra level of glamour and indulgence to any look, who doesn’t want to feel red carpet ready.

Perfectly sculpted waves compliment all types and styles of wedding dress and enhances that perfect look on your wedding day, and it really does look fabulous with any hair colour! I love this look and enjoy creating it as it really is what I call a 'timeless style’.

This look is a classic and elegant bridal hair style. A lot of clients ask me will it stay like this throughout my wedding day. They definitely will stay as your hair needs to be prepped completely different to any other hairstyles which gives it the staying power!

I would recommend around 2 hours for me to re-create these gorgeous waves.

To achieve the best Hollywood waves, I love to add clip-in hair extensions. The reason I do this is not to add length unless you want your hair longer, it’s more to support your hair with the extensions, it helps the curls to be super bouncy and long lasting!

You can create Hollywood waves without hair extensions but it may not hold quite as long depending on your hair type.

Once created, the waves should hold well allowing you to dance the night away and I expect they will still be there the morning after your wedding, I love rocking next day hair, especially with a little bit of dry shampoo and hairspray.

Smoky Eye Flawless Makeup

Most brides I work with want their skin to look fresh, dewy and as naturally flawless as possible on their big day. Here I have created this look using Nars sheer glow foundation and Becca Opal as my highlighter, which I just adore!

Smoky eye makeup is often associated with dark colours on the eye, however ‘smoky’ is actually the technique used not the choice of colours, you can create a beautiful smoky eye with very natural colours, which I use on most my brides.

I think flawless smoky eye makeup complements the Hollywood waves style beautifully and together they create that ‘wow factor’, allowing you to feel red carpet ready to walk down the aisle and meet your husband-to-be.

Take a look at my Instagram to view more of my hair and make-up creations


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